My name is Carolyn Wild and I am the founder of Astrology and Candles & Elements of Tarot.I was born under the fabulous, fiery sign of Aries which makes me a Mars ruled kind of gal! Maybe that’s why I simply adore candles, I meditate each day whilst gazing into the hot, golden flame, …well most days.

Nature’s Gifts

My candles consist of pure organic beeswax sourced from eastern Australia ? and of course Australian cotton wicks!

They have a natural scent, yes just like HONEY, imagine sniffing a freshly picked honey-flower believe me this is true — they are divine.

Candles bring such a lovely energy into our space — they flicker and add magic along with my crystals, especially when I’m reading Tarot.

Beeswax Candles, Astrology, Tarot and Essential Oils bring inspiration and direction from times so long ago. I think even further back than ancient Egypt…

I’ll be back next Friday (21/2/20) with more news and special offers.

Until then have a great week and a beautiful Valentine’s Day ❤️

Much love,
Carolyn ?